Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Reputation

How do you see yourself?
How do you think others see you?  Any nicknames?
I have a couple.  Chuckles being one of them.
I got that from my wife.  We worked together in the same job for a few years.
The job required us to be around kids a lot.  She said I always seemed to come to work smiling.  I like the name.
Not like her name for me when something goes wrong.  "Shmuckboy"

Now another area of my life opened up.   School.
Not for me, but my daughter.
When Goober started kindergarten, I tried to do everything I could to get involved in her education.

I showed up at school to drop Goober off. (Way too early for me)
I was there to pick her up.  (For some reason you can't leave them there)
I talked to her teacher. I talked to her Principal.
I volunteered to make popcorn for the kids on Fridays.
With a few minor setbacks, I was a great parent.

The teachers started to talk to me when I said hello.
The other kids realized that my daughter had a fun dad.
There were a few bad points in all of this, but I cannot name them.
I even Joined the PTA Board.

Then came the moment that changed my reputation at the school.
I was volunteered for an event.
A production. A look at America's great people and times in our history.
Martin Luther King, Thomas Edison, Amelia Earheart, The Civil War, Walt Disney, and the signing of the constitution. Just to name a few.

Now which great person or event did I portray?
Edison? No.
George Washington?  Nope, try again.
Thomas Jefferson? Now that's a good one.  But not right.
Lewis or Clark?  Nah, we skipped over that one.
Which one you ask?   Ready?     It was The Mouse.

Yes that's right. M.I.C.K.E.Y.  M.O.U.S.E.
Big ears, red pants, and a nice big black nose.
Now, I didn't have any lines. But who wants to get hit down there to make your voice squeak on purpose?

A little pantomime while "Walt Disney" spoke, and it was over.
Until I showed up at school the next time.
I was there a little early to pick her up when I passed a class walking in the hall.
Then I hear it.  The words that haunt me to this day.
One little one started it.  Another picked it up.  Then it was almost a chant.
"Hi Mickey Mouse!!!"

That's right.  I am not called by my name.  I am not called Goober's Dad.
I am now and forever more known by attributes that can be put on and taken off at will.
A mouse.

Oh, well.  It could be worse.
At least I'm someone famous.

Or is it famouse?