Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When Life gets you Down

I know that feeling you have.
Nothing seems to be going your way.  The job sucks.  Your spouse seems to ignore you.
The kids won't stop being underfoot.  Your friends are throwing their accomplishments around like it was nothing.

These are the times you just want to crawl in a hole and disappear for a week. A month. Hell, maybe just not come back.  Start a new life in a new city.  Go to a place where Nobody knows your name.
Or don't find anyplace.  Just wander around doing good deeds.
"Who was that man who pulled you out of the car?"  "Who was that man that fought off the wild bear in the park?"
"Who was the man that just delivered your baby in the gas station?"
Bring back the hobo.  The drifter. Doing odd jobs around small towns.  Then moving on.

You wouldn't have bills to pay.  No 9-5 job.  Nobody to tell you where to go when to be there, or how to look when you got there.
No spouse to keep happy.  No extra mouths to feed.  So many less worries.  So much less stress.
This seems like the ultimate life sometimes.  A life I could run away to.  Embrace.  Make my own.

But my dream is tame compared to some.  My worries are small when looking at the large picture.
I know others have worse problems.  Bigger situations to deal with.  Much more on their plates.
Some are older. Some are younger. Some are women and some are men.  And I know each of them deal with things differently.

I have had my moments where I thought the world was out to get me.  My job sucked that day.  The kids wouldn't listen.  My wife told me to "Go Away!".  I had to spend money on things I didn't need.
Little things just piled up.  A little each day. Week after week.  Until I couldn't take it anymore.
I would just want a little peace and quiet.  To be left alone for awhile.  Let me read a book. Watch T.V.  Play a video game.  Just don't bother me.

But it hardly ever works.

The kids come into my room to ask questions.  The wife wants me to do things around the house.  Work calls to see if I can come in for an extra shift. "Timmy" needed the night off...... again.

So I go out.  I go play a little poker with some friends.  Or at the casino.  Or go see a movie in the theater. (Yes by myself. It's just as fun. And you don't have to listen to anyone else.)
I have even gone window shopping.  Driven somewhere to have dinner.  Gone to the mall to people watch.

Anything, just to get away.  Relax.  Recharge.
Then head back home to start another day.  And hope to not piss anyone off.

Including myself.