Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Purpose of Things.

What is the purpose of things?
Why so we do some things and not others?
Why do some things cost a lot and others not cost much at all?

Average cost of things in my city. (some guessing is involved)
Gas: $3.60
Loaf of bread: $2.80
20oz bottle of soda: $1.35
2 liter bottle of same soda: 4/$3.00

Some items use a special ingredient that cost a lot to make.
Some items are popular, therefore companies raise prices to make more money.
Some groups take money for those less fortunate.  How much do they actually give to those people?
Ok. I will stop right there before I start to get into a different argument.

To start off, I am a member of the PTA Board at my daughter's school.
I have been in charge of the fund raisers we hold every year.
We have done Skating parties.  A night at Chuck E. Cheese's.  Cookie dough sales. Coupon books. And the most popular one by far has been a school carnival.  We had to kick the kids off the inflatable slide so we could turn it off!
Even a Holiday Shop where the kids can come in and buy inexpensive presents for their families in early December.  Some of these things bring in a lot of money.(Carnival)
But some just bring in a little bit. (Chuck E. Cheese)
They are more fun for the kids than a real Fundraiser.

Since I have been in charge of a lot of the events, I have gone to all of the classrooms to hand out fliers.  Most of the kids know who my daughter is.  And since My youngest is home with me, they know him too.
I know many of the kid's faces if not names. And all of the teachers know who I am.
I enjoy being a role model for the kids there.  I go and help out when they need me to.
I have done everything from popping popcorn during events, to being Mickey Mouse in a school production.  These things are all just fine.  I have no problem with any of them.

Here is my issue.
If we have a function at the school where we are going to sell food, how much do you charge?
I go to any fast food restaurant, a combo meal is about $6 for a Grande Mic with cheese, side of fries and a large soda.
And this is much simpler than that.
This is a hot dog, small bag of chips, and a generic soda. Maybe a cookie on the side.
I would say maybe $2 for everything.
Others would say $4.
Which one is right?

I guess the question is how much do you want to make?
Just enough to cover cost?  Charge a little.
Big event that you need to pay for?  Charge more.

There is a cost that can cover everything.  Decide which one is best.
Just know this.  People remember.