Friday, September 2, 2011


I am alone.
Not physically, but mentally.
I have a weekend coming up without my "adult supervision".
My wife is going scrapbooking on Saturday.
I am sitting here writing line after line of a nonsense poem.
Thoughts running through my mind, one after the other.
Every line provokes another memory.  Some good, some not.

I will be changing to another chapter in my life soon. As both kids are almost in school full time.
I am working more to either pay for it, or just for extra money.
Things are just staring to change a little too fast.  Or maybe just a little too much.
And with things changing, I start to see where it's going.
Sometimes it's a good thing. Sometimes bad.  And there's always the mixed changes that give you a loop.

We are trying to finish getting Monkey toilet trained.  I am tired of diapers/pull ups.
He also just got accepted into the Preschool in the school district.
That means that he will be gone 3-4 days a week in the afternoon.
I cannot work during those times since he will only be gone 3 hours..

Princess is getting bigger.  She is now up to my chin.
And she seems to be getting prettier every day.
But still my messy little girl.

Since school has started I am involved with the PTA again and have many things on my plate.
Carnival, skating party, book fundraiser, etc...
More of the same old stuff.  Me, trying to get us to spend money on things and everyone else trying to hoard the money. *sigh*
I will keep at it and try to get them to see my point of view.  Wish me luck.

What will I do after they are both in school?  I am sure I will work more, but doing what?
Waiting tables and tending bar is good money if you can get the right people and place to work at.
I have a nice place. And there are nice people working there and coming in to eat.
But is it where I want to stay?

I have a lot to think about and only a few more months to do it in.
I am alone in my thinking.
At some point I will involve the Warden and we will come to a decision that meets her expectations. Ha Ha.
Just kidding.  We will decide together.  The choices we make will benefit us and our family.

Let's see where this goes.  Life.