Sunday, December 12, 2010

Try Harder

The duties of a SAHD vary.
Some may decide to cook and clean.
Others may decide that laundry should be done and to go nowhere near the kitchen.
Still others may think that since you are home all day, you should be able to do it all.

The Warden always picks option three.

I pick option four.
Which is to enjoy my kids, play video games, and do as little as possible.
It doesn't always work out for me.

Some days I decide to become better at my "job".
I cook, I clean.  I do some laundry.  I go to the store.

This does not mean that I get everything right?  It seems that I cannot, no matter how hard I try.
Get the "hospital" type clean that The Warden wishes.
And sometimes it just involves wiping the counter with a wet cloth.  I just miss it.

There are always things to clean.  The living room.  The kid's rooms....  The kids.
The sheets. The garage. The storage closet. The computer desk. The yard.  The oven.  The counters.  The dishes.
Need I go on?

We all deal with it in our own way.  The Warden waits until she is certain I will not do it.
The goes at it with gusto. And then scolds me like a three year old for not doing it.

I know I should do it.  I know I need to do it.
Clean something.  Cook something.
I think I will. And then..."Squirrel!!"

I'm gone.  A TV show is on.  I saw a movie I wanted to watch.
That new video game is right.... there.

I need to put an end to it.  Or at least keep it in check.

This is my declaration.  I will try harder.
I will put the game away.
I will turn the TV off.
I will stay away from the computer.
I will think ahead to dinner.
Help The Warden more.

This is something I need to do.


The Battle of the Wii

One is crying.
One is yelling.
The Wii is in the middle.

As I come out of the hallway, I see it.   The battle of the Wii.

Princess has a controller.  Monkey has a controller.
I see no problem.   But why is my nice morning sleep being interrupted by yelling?

Here's how it started.  We got a Wii.
Need more?  Okay.  We have kids.
Still more?  Fine.

My son Monkey loves the Wii.  He loves all of the sports games we have.
He especially likes to play the sword fighting game from Wii Sports Resort.
I love to watch this.  He looks like a 4 year old on cocaine.  He just bounces in one spot.
His arms going up and down.  Chopping objects and people with no regard for other's safety.

He also likes Table Tennis.  His arms go back and forth.  *Whack* *Whack*
He's actually pretty good at that one.  At least against the computer.

My girl Princess likes the Wii also.  She likes the Sports Resort also.
She does the Bowling, the Skydiving, the airplanes.  Practices her sword chopping for ten minutes straight.

They like to play with each other.  For as long as they can stand it.
But here's the rub.  They BOTH want that FIRST controller.
The one with the first light lit.
That means that they control what they do.  What games to play.  Who goes first.
I am regretting my purchase.

Now we are back to the current argument.  Monkey wants the first one.  Princess says no.
I have to be the big meanie and tell Monkey that he has to share and let his sister have a turn at being first.
It's time-out time.  Take him to his room.  Let him cry.

OKAY!!!  Lunch time!!

Look kids!!  Mommy's home!!

Turn off Wii.   Start again tomorrow.