Thursday, April 29, 2010

When Life Gets in the Way

My name is Chuckles and I have a Gaming problem.

What? No not Gambling, Gaming.
Wrong room? In the basement? No, I'll leave.

Here it is. Man, it's dark down here.

*creaking door*
My name is Chuckles and I have a Gaming problem.

(*Hello Charles*)

I have had a gaming problem for 30 years.
Yes Frank, that's right.
Atari 2600.
The first taste of exhilaration .
Donkey Kong, PacMan, and many others, all in my own home.
Get up early.
Stay up late.

Six hours on two-player Defender with my brother.
I can't remember if we eventually lost our fighters, or just stopped.

Then Nintendo. Mario in his own game! Zelda!
I look back now and think. Man the graphics Suck!!
But at the time I it was. "Man, this is AWESOME!!!!!"

Then, Sega Genesis. PC games. Then, Playstation.
Now I have....
All of them. Wii. PS3. XBOX360. And I even play MMORPG.

I had a game going on the computer.
I was doing good.
Space game. Getting lots of ships. Hoarding my planets.
Protecting from invaders.

Then I went to work.
Gotta make the money.

They struck when I was unawares.
I let my guard down.
Lif. got in the way.

My ships are gone.
My planets are plundered.
My rank has diminished.

Time to get back on that horse.
Enemies beware. My new fleet of ships will get you.
Just give me a couple months.

And tell the kids to leave me alone.

Ok. Give me a year.

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