Saturday, June 23, 2012


Now we all know what texture is.  We learned about it in school.
But just to refresh, texture is the way something feels.  Rough, smooth, coarse, slimy, etc...

Now, the other day I made a Cheesecake.  This is something I do about once a year.  The reason only once?  Because I would eat it all myself and then couldn't roll out my door.
That night I had my Dad over for dinner.  Burgers and chips.  Not a big deal.

Now my Dad has had the Cheesecake before.  My Mom used to make it on her birthday.
But since my parents divorced when I was about 6, I was not sure when the last time he had a piece of this Cheesecake.  So I offered him a slice.

Now for those who bake cheesecake know, you have to let it cool for about 6 hours after baking for everything to stiffen up. Go back to acting like a cheesecake.  Not the batter that made it.
If it gets too warm, it gets mushy like Cream Cheese you leave out too long.

I cut a few pieces because Monkey decided he wanted some.
The middle was a little mushy.  Not bad.  Just mushy.
I apologized for it since the cheesecake had only been resting in the fridge for about 4 hours.
My Dad made the comment "That's okay.  I like the texture."

At this point Monkey said: "Yes, I like the texture a lot.  It's a very good texture."
I could not stop laughing.  Here is a 5yr old commenting on the texture of food.
My Dad laughed.  And asked Monkey about the texture again.
This became a running joke all night.

Kids are great.  They love to be part of what's going on around them.
Even if they don't understand the texture of things.

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