Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Last Day

This was it.  My last day as a "Full-Time" Stay-at-Home Dad.
I relaxed in bed for awhile after waking up.

Then realized that I had a neighbor child on her way to spend the day with us.
I had to get up.  Feed the cat and kids.

Then I retreated to the bedroom with my laptop, a cold soda, a bowl of cereal, and my head phones.
It's my time.
As I kept an ear out for the usual sounds of the kids playing, I surfed the net.
Then watched a movie. "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"
A good "retro" film to watch on a slightly rainy day.

The kids got lunch and then wanted candy.
I came out and got my own lunch.  A sandwich made of the brisket I baked last week.
Went back to my room and munched.
Came out and gave everyone some candy.  Then again retreated to my room for some quiet.

After awhile, I realized that it was time to load them up for an adventure.
Not much.  Just a haircut for me and Monkey.
We went to the same place I have been going for the last 35 years.  An actual barber shop.
Pole outside and everything.
The carpet has been redone, but that's about it.
Still the same penny-operated gumball machine in the corner.

Got home before the wife and finished the movie.
Then loaded everyone up and went to the "Back to School Night" at, well, school.
Talked to our kid's teachers and dropped the ton of supplies off in the rooms.
Decided to eat at McDonald's after.  Much easier than cooking.

After getting home and doing the dishes from the previous two nights.  Ha ha.  Think I'm kidding?
I took this opportunity to leave and see the new "Total Recall" movie.
A nice movie and great effects in it.

Now after lounging around and watching about 3 hours of "Shark Week" on Discovery Channel, I am going to bed.  Not even close to being ready for the first day of school.
I will have to console my wife.
Her "baby" is starting school.

I have the kleenex

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