Friday, June 5, 2009

Trouble with the car.

How do you spend an hour, two days in a row at the car dealership, while getting oil changes and safety inspections with a 2 yr old?
Bring toys, books (for both of you), change for the vending machine, and patience.
Hope there is a cute receptionist.
And pray, that while your kid, who loves cars plays in one. And you get in the backseat to watch.
Someone hasn't thrown the child lock on the back door. Which when you close it, locks you in the car, with the windows up. So you have to crawl across the half folded seat to open the other door to get out.
Then when you are paying. That same child runs down the hall and dissapears.
Only to reappear, looking at you like this is the best game ever.
Then you have to go back to the cute recepionist and shyly get the keys and wallet you left on her counter.
And to leave you have to look like the worst parent ever. Dangling a chocolate bar like a carrot in front of the kid to lead him out of the building to the car that you actually own.

Sometimes. I hate my day.

But I love the kid.

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