Saturday, June 6, 2009

An outing with my daughter. (or) Kicking and Screaming

To tell you this, I first have to give you some history.
My daughter is a Daisy. I know what you are thinking. Of course you think that of your kid. How else are you supposed to think?
And for the record I do. But wait! There is another explanation.
So, for those of you who don't know. A Daisy is a rung on the Girl Scout ladder.
In Kindergarden, a girl goes in as a Daisy, at second grade, a Brownie, then Junior Girl Scout, and finally Girl Scout. (or something to that effect)
My little girl is going into the second grade this fall. Graduation from being a Daisy was this past Tuesday. Just afew days before this I found out that the Troop was going on a field trip on Saturday. Yes. Today.
Now I like/love to play poker. I'm not always very lucky. But I think it's fun. I ask the wife every time if I can go play. Well.... this was her turn.
It turns out that she and a few friends had planned to go and scrapbook for the day.
Mental note "Kiss up to wife to score points"
I bit the bullet and took my lovely child on a *choke* Daisy field trip.
Dragging her little brother along for the ride.
The plan was to meet at Crown Center and walk over to Kalidescope, a kid activity and learning place, put together by the Hall company (Hallmark Cards)
We get there a little early. And I count my lucky stars, because a charity run for a hospital was wrapping up. The street past Crown Center was closed and the closest parking was across the street.
Mental note "Always check area activities before an outing"
We walked over and didn't see anyone yet. Gotta kill some time.
There is a great LEGO exibit going on for awhile. LEGO artwork on display in the lower level where Santa gets set up each year.
It was the wierdest thing. My son walked around and looked at the artwork. Commented on it. (did not understand much of what he said) Didn't play with the LEGOs and then wanted to leave! Guess he's an art lover!
Mental note "Get LEGOs for the boy"
Still a little early. Might as well walk over to Kalidescope.
We walked over and still don't see anyone. So, to kill more time, I took the kids through the Hall's Visitor's Center.
We come out and after asking, find out that the troop went in without us. Oh, well.
We were allowed in. My daughter and the troop had fun.
This is not the place to take 2yr olds when it's crowded.
After letting them explore and create. We headed over to Crayola Cafe.
A fun diner attached to the Crayola Store. Good food, decent prices. Not equipped to handle more than two parties of 10 or more. At a kid's restaurant!!!!
Staff was harried, 3 manager types looking lost.
But a very friendly mouse in the corner.
Lunch paid for from the Cookie Fund!!!!!
Mental note "Don't go on a Saturday without a reservation."
After lunch, in which my youngest was finished before anyone else. (don't blame him)
We headed over to the fudge/chocolate store "Chips". Great place. Lots of yummy looking things.
The girls had a front row seat to the "Fudge Master" making a batch of fudge. Then entertaining them while he made up new candy combos for them. At the end, all the girls got a sample bag.
We walked back to the car, past the fountains with kids playing in them.
Looks like fun.
Mental note "Go back and let kids play in fountains"
The drive home was peacefull. Kids were told in Dad Voice (thanks Hossman) that there would be quiet time when we got home.
Quiet time was not very quiet. Dad Voice came out again. Crying girl stomped to room after.
Laid down on my bed to read a book, wondering if my day could just get any better!!! YAY!!
Couldn't doze off due to forgetting to put "Do not disturb" sign on door.

Next week will be better.
Now.... where did I put that notebook?

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