Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Cat Came Back

"Honey!  There's a cat at our door.  He wants in!"
Now why wouldn't I let it in?  Simple.   It's not ours.

But I got the answer in simple terms that even I can understand.
It showed up.  We had extra cat food from... somewhere.
The Warden fed it.  It came back.

It let her pet it.
It let her pick it up.
I told her NO!
I am tired of cleaning up cat poop.
Two cats is enough!

But the cat came back.
We fed it.  We scratched it's back.
But we did not let it in the house.

This started to become a habit.
The cat showed up.  Out comes The Warden with cat food.
She even put a bowl on our front porch.
It's a nice little blue bowl with a paw-print in the bottom.
It gets lots of use.

There have been many cats using it.
Probably a raccoon.
We have even seen an opossum.

We come out in the morning.  The cat is there.
We come home in the evening.  The cat is there.
We have 5 inches of snow.  After one whole day, I see paw-prints in the snow.

We don't know where he goes.   We don't know who he belongs to.
We just know that the cat comes back.
And The Warden will have food waiting.

What a sucker.

Here kitty kitty kitty...  Ahem..  Oops!

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