Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Too Late and Tired

Want to know what happens when I sit down to write a post at 1:30 in the morning after working a 12hr shift?   Random thoughts running into each other.  Random memories flowing through my brain.
A random poem.
So here's the poem.  There are good many memories or thoughts attached to every line.
Your's will be different.  But I hope this stirs some memories for you.

The kids will want to play all day.
I'm looking for another way.
I have no love of being by myself.
I want to know what's on the shelf.
I do not want this life to end.
I remember very well how their's began.
I remember little toes.
The wrinkled up little nose.
The fingers grabbing for my hand.
The feet walking in the sand.
The laughter from the smiling mouth.
Now silence greets me in this house.
I have no where to go from here.
I still have the same shoes from last year.
My mind seems not to be at ease.
Would you be able to help me please?
I have a worry I can't say.
Will this last another day?
I watch the tv on and on.
I stay up from dusk to dawn.
So I might be missing something out there.
But I hide here in my chair.
Looking out among the leaves.
Hoping, hoping, it doesn't freeze.
Now I am off to bed.
Knowing that this is all in my head.
I hope to dream of happy places.
And seeing friends and happy faces.
So to you all I say good night.
May you find your peace and light.

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