Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Do I Help My Child

I really want to help my child.

My youngest is potty training.
He is having trouble pooping on the toilet.
I know a lot of kids have this hurdle to overcome.

But my kids are not the norm.
Both have had serious bouts with constipation.
I'm talking blood and rashes you wouldn't believe.

It hurts to poop.
You hold it in so you don't have to.
When it finally pushes itself out, it hurts.

It becomes a vicious cycle.

Now he is wearing "big boy" underwear.
He dirtied two pairs today. The poop has to come out.
little squirts every time.

I try to hold him. I try to rub his tummy.
I encourage him to "push it out"

We have even tried a laxative recommended by the doctor.
It won't come out.

I am going to try an enema tomorrow.
And a nice warm bath.

I might have to scrub the tub.
But it will be worth it to not hear him cry.
Worth it to see him go to fall asleep peacefully.

Worth it to see him poop in the toilet!

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