Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wrong Way

I am doing some realizing.  Should we make getting a drivers license a little harder?

I know that part of the test is looking at pictures and telling what sign it is.
Shouldn't we also know what that sign means?

Yield:  Let other traffic go before you.
School Crossing:  Children crossing the street.  DO NOT HIT THEM!
Stop sign:  Stop Idiot
Detour:  Go around
No Left Turn:  Don't turn left.
No U Turn:  Don't turn around here.
Keep to the Right:  Go around the big concrete thing in the middle of the road.
No Parking:  Do you really want to get towed?

One Way:  ONLY Drive in the direction the arrow is pointing.

That last one is the one people seem to be confused on.
In the last two weeks, I have seen people go the wrong way in a school parking lot every day.
There are children crossing here.  The One Way sign is for their safety and yours.  There is not enough room to pass if you are going the wrong way in the middle of the road!
I have also seen this in the city.  Downtown to be exact.
A bright red convertible going down the wrong way down a busy street during lunchtime.
I am actually surprised that the big utility truck in the lane next to me moved.  I wouldn't have.

Try your luck.  Here is a website for the Driver's License street sign test.

Just to let you know.
I only missed one.

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