Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting to the Zoo

Off to the zoo.
Gotta get up in time.
It's only.... 9:07!!!!!!

Goober has to be at school in 10 minutes!!!

I'm jumping out of bed. Crashing through the door.
"UP NOW!! You need to be up and dressed! I'll help."

Got Goober up. Time for Monkey!

"Let's go for ride!" I say nicely.
"OK!" Monkey squeals.

I throw him in the van.
Yell at Goober to eat her granola bar.

I got her there in time. Whew!
Time for the Zoo.

I tell Monkey that I will be right back. I have to run in the house and grab his shoes and bag.
I run in. I grab what I need.
I pop in my contacts. I grab a hat to cover my head and rush out.

I am in plenty of time. I pull in to the Zoo like a king.
I find a parking spot on the lower level. Scratch that, I AM A GOD!!!

I jump out. I grab the bag.
I slide open Monkey's door.
And stare dumbfounded at his bare feet.

What have I done!!!!!!?????

I jump back in the van.
I peel out of the parking lot.
I dart home. Grab the shoes.
Jump back in the van. Rush back to the Zoo.

I am just in time. I pull in as the last guys are joining the group.
A fun time is had by all.

A laugh is had at my expense.

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