Saturday, August 15, 2009

Zoo Trip

The guys are all here.
Hossman and The Bruiser watching the kids run.

Everyone has a date. The FOTZ pass holders drag along a non-member.
It is a very good day for the zoo. A little hot but not too humid.
We trickle in the gate and immediately some split off for the bathroom.

Everyone was in a good mood.
The kids are already enjoying each other.

As we head off into the zoo, we make a gameplan for the day.

Walk to Africa, Tram back to the Carousel, then a train ride.

The walk down was nice. A little breeze. Elephants to see.
A few explanations as to why there are 13 dads there in a group with their kids.
Great to see a trail of dads and strollers along the path.

The kids enjoy rides in the strollers. The baboons are attacking the glass.
Snacks are eaten and lots of water drank.

As we take over the dining patio, we notice this sign.

Too bad it was closed.

As a note to future visits: The Tram runs SLOW!!!!!
I started walking back from Africa with Monkey on my shoulders.
I beat the Tram by 20 minutes!

Carousel rides. Train rides. And Monkey and I fed the Lorikeets.

Awesome day at the zoo.

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