Friday, July 10, 2009

The Teenager Comes Out!!!

So, I'm driving home from my mom's on the 4th of July.
I call a buddy who had to work.
"How was tonight? Slow?"
B: "Yeah. Watched fireworks from the roof."
B: "It's ok. Hey. Are you up for some Call of Duty 4?"
"I'm on the road. Should be home in about 40."
B: "Great. I'll be out of here in an hour. Get on and we'll play. Boss is playing too."

Now I know I shouldn't. I have to work a double in the morning.

"Ummm... Ok, sounds good."

Finished driving home.
Turned on XBOX 360.
Wait.... Wait.... Wait....
Got on FB to do stupid, time sucking games.
Wait..... Wait..... Wait.....
Watch part of movie I had on DVR.

Get text. "Be on soon"

Wait..... Wait.... Wait......

About to give up when I see they have gotten on.
It seems that my buddy has gotten hold of some beer before he left.
He is drunk.
Now, my buddy likes to joke and harass people when he is sober.
It just gets worse.

Play for awhile. Get fed up with the harassment. Turn off XBOX.
Watch a little more tv.
Look outside.
The sun is up.
I should go to sleep.
Sun is up. No point in going to sleep now.
Stopped by gas station to get two 5 hour energy shots.
Worked the whole day.
Had to stay late and clean because the inspector was going to be there in the morning.
Had to get up with the kids.

I am a stupid man.

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