Friday, July 31, 2009

Wife's Days Off: Part 2

Ok, so day one wasn't that bad. We had some fun, got some sun, and wore the kids out!

Day two started out nicely. The kids let us sleep until 8:30. (Real treat for the wife)

Got everyone ready for lunch with Grandma.
We went to eat at IHOP (The original, Not the church)

Monkey was in a rare mood. We get there and get seated.
Monkey wants down, wants up, shoes off, down again.

Drinks come. Out come the cars. Crayons on the table.
Princess is wanting Grandma's attention.
Small spill of soda. Wants down again.

Food comes. Gotta cut up the sausage.
What do you mean? Didn't I give you some? You ate it already?
Your eggs too? Want some ha---- Ok! No hash browns!
Have some of Mommy's eggs.

Almost done.
Monkey's flirting with lady across the aisle.
Rolling on the floor. Has a great audience.
Says hi. He gives her a hug. Makes her day. Says she only has daughters.
Princess wants in on the attention. Gives her a hug too.
Ok, say bye. We gotta go.

Grandma leaves.
Off to the museum.
Nelson Atkins Museum of Art and the "not so new anymore" Bloch building.

Underground parking to Bloch Building. Find a parking. Walk in. Walk around.
Lots of:
Don't touch!
Get up!
Quiet! Inside voice!
Screw it. Go. Just don't break anything. Thank goodness Little Hoss isn't here. (kidding Hossman)

Time to go inside The Nelson.
Awesome architecture. Great old building.
"No, you have to walk."
Look at the paintings, the sculptures, the teacups.
Lots to look at.
"What do you mean I can't carry him on my shoulders."
Hang on Monkey, Daddy wants to stand here a minute. Yes, by the look in your eye, I can answer. She is naked. There's a plaque here, but I don't care who she is.

Why do I have to stop at every item that shows a woman unclothed?
I'm a guy. I got balls. The Warden might have clipped them, but they're still there.
Waiting for the next girl, real or otherwise, to look at and admire.
Do anything with? No, not if I want to keep them attached to some degree.

Time to eat. Lets get out of the history lesson today.
Winstead's for dinner? Awesome!
Double burger, fries, onion rings, and a chocolate malt.
And a real 45rpm record jukebox with unlimited free plays.
Frank Sinatra, Jim Croche, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Elvis, The Temptations and more.
Can't beat the oldies.

Can't wait till tomorrow.

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