Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wife's Days Off: Part 1

My wife took a couple of days off this week.
We (she) decided we would do stuff as a family.
This is actually a great idea. We don't do much together outside the house.

We planned a few outings.
Day 1: Topeka Zoo

Please keep in mind that the Topeka Zoo is about an hour from the KC Metro area.
1. Pick a driver.
2. Get something for the passenger to do.
3. Get something for the kids to do. (We forgot. This might be a #1 to most.)
4. Bring a camera. (We have these nifty phones right? Yup, we forgot.)
5. The sign for the zoo is very small. (Yup, we missed it. Had to hang a U.)

The Topeka Zoo is a very nice place. We got in for half off with our FOTZ Memberships.
You walk in and BAM! Animals right there in your face.
Not just an otter either. A Giraffe!

Note: Follow the toddler. He can be loud. This zoo is pretty small.
With quite a lot packed into it. We toured the whole thing in about 2 hours.

We walked around to the rain forest bulding. Kids wanted to go in.
Walked around in there for awhile. Got the closest I have been to a flamingo, Camen Croc, Armadillo ( buried himself), and a large fruit bat. (About a foot tall.)

Saw lions, tigers and bears. Oh, My!

The best part of the zoo was leaving.
Don't get me wrong. I really liked the zoo.
But there is an awsome mini train across the street.
It is a train for kids and adults alike. It has been running for 43 years.
Tokens to ride are $1 each. Doesn't matter how old you are. If you ride, you pay.
Train ride takes about 15-20 min. Even goes in a tunnel and over a tressel. (Bridge)
Then comes back into the station.
The kids got to walk up front and sound the whistle.
My wife politely declined.

There is a fun looking pool in the area. We don't know if it is public or not.
We heard their PA system say something about a contamination.
(Don't forget your swim diapers)

There are two playgrounds if your kids still have energy.
Swings, slides, a wicked cresent teeter-totter.
(Almost sent my wife end over ass.)
And some play trains to climb on.
The other one has a lot of sculptures you can climb on and play around.
Gorillas, a whale, a boat, etc....

We ate at a nearby Wendy's. Then headed home.
Little monkey was asleep after 5 min on the road.
Didn't even make it out of Topeka.
And, the tolls on I-70 are prety cheap. $2.15 one way.
A great day trip.

On the way back we stopped at Legends.
Walked around and window shopped.
Got a treat from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Kids then played around the fountain display.

Load them up. Time to go. Home.

More tomorrow.

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