Friday, July 31, 2009

Wife's Days Off: Part 3

Time to get up. Wow. 9:30!
Got to sleep in today.
Let's get everyone up. We have to think about going.

Deanna Rose Farmstead. Great.
Everyone in the van. Wagon stays here today. Monkey doesn't ride in it anyway.

There it is.
HOLY SHIT!! I mean shoot!
The parking lot is packed. Hey! There's one right up front. Will my luck hold?
YES!! Great spot.

No, Monkey. There's nothing around the outside of the fence.
Well, I will carry you in. Princess is looking at the peacock.
Monkey is making a break for it on a side path.
Ok gang. Let's follow the little one. He seems to know where he wants to go.

It's very sad when the Koi fish don't want to eat.
Prairie Dogs are out and enjoying the weather.

Gotta stop, Monkey. Mommy wants to see the Bobcat.
Ok. We're going to the goats.
Princess wants to feed them. Let's go in.
Found some young ones I was able to coax one over.
These are some greedy goats.

There goes someone's shirt.

Out of food. Let's go wash our hands.

Does Monkey want to go down the slide?
Princess, Go with him.

He balks. Gotta go after him.
Ok, I'll go with you. *shove*
Is it mean to trick your kid like that?

One more time.
Done. Not made for dads.

Splash area here we come.
You just brought a washcloth? Warden says I can pack the bag next time.
Crap, that backfired.

Playground is next. Run around. Dry off.
You're soaked! I'm not picking you up!

Time to go.
Lunch at Culver's
Another double burger with fries.

Damn. When I wasn't looking, I got another chocolate malt.

Let's go home. I'm beat.

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